Wiksten Tank Top Slowly Takes Shape

Last night great progress was made on the Wiksten Tank top.

As I was using the downloadable pattern you first have to spend a little time laying the A4 printed sheets out and arranging and sticking them in the correct order – which Jenny from Wiksten makes it pretty fail safe to do by carefully number and adding arrows to the corresponding sheets.

I was also delighted as the material I’d ordered for this project arrived and so I got straight to work pinning the pattern to the fabric and cutting out.  I’m just feeling a little frustrated as it was quite late when I started this and so decided against getting the sewing machine ‘fired-up’.  Also having learnt that I tend to rush things when time is tight I thought best against it.

And so I’ve read and re-read the next stages so I’m totally prepared and geared up to go tonight.

Bring on tonight and the next step of the Wiksten.

You many have guessed from this post I’ve not make an item of clothing yet, well not successfully anyway so I big thank you has to go out to everyone who’s ever posted their experiences of this pattern – sorry read to many now to name them – they have been a great help to me, especially those with wonderful ‘in progress’ pictures and close up’s of pinning and hems.

Any advice from anyone who’s made this pattern would be gratefully received – I must admit I’m a little scared of the neck line stitching.

5 thoughts on “Wiksten Tank Top Slowly Takes Shape

  1. The fabric you picked will make a cute shirt. I’ve seen several posts about this tank top and they all seem to turn out cute. I’m sure yours will be the same. : )

    I do have one question though. If you download the pattern to your computer then do you just print out the pattern and tape the papers together? How does that work?

    1. Hi. I’m nearly all done, only got the arm hole bias binding to do. I love the fabric although it’s probably a little stiff for a dress – hope it softens up in the wash. Yes the pattern is amazing you just print it on paper via your own printer and piece it together. It is really self explanatory and quite therapeutic too! Was I think it great about this is if you cut if wrong you can just print it and start again. You also get an instructions booklet to print out which I must say it wonderful and so easy to follow.

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