Top tips for de-cluttering – reclaim your home, life and mind!

Ok, so that’s probably quite a big statement I’ve made… are my tips really going to do that?  Well that I can’t promise but they have certainly helped me.

By clearing just a little at a time it makes the process of de-cluttering less stressful! that is of course the ultimate aim but I’m sure if you’ve tried to have a good old clear out you actually end up in more mess than you first started.

I’m a terrible one for holding onto certain ‘things’ that might come in handy – but rarely ever do and also for being ruthless and binning other stuff (mainly clothes I don’t wear) and then regretting it terribly).

1 Create a place for everything.  If everything has a home then it won’t need to be left lying around causing mess.  This will also make it much easier to find when you need it again.

2 Make storage a priority.  By having cleaver, adaptable and easy storage options available it will make putting stuff away much easier.  Below are a few of the storage options I can’t live without. I love the clear boxes and vacuum bags are they make it so much easier to look for stuff once you’ve neatly packed it away.

3 Tidy paperwork – this is, in my opinion, essential for clearing your mind of bills to pay etc.  I have a tray of bills and important information that needs to be actioned, once it’s done it gets filed.  For me, I now make it a priority to clear the in-tray – so satisfying and stops me from wondering if I’ve done it or not.

4 Wardrobe ruthlessness. If you have worn it for a year then you probably won’t FASHION changes and like wise if you’re waiting to lose that weight before you can fit back into something just get rid of the item as chances are once you’ve lost the weight you’re going to want to reward yourself with something new to show yourself off in.

5. Make it a habit. Keep on top of tidy up and putting stuff away and clearly storage areas.  By doing this regularly the job in the long run becomes quicker and easier.

6. Don’t just store everything in your loft!  If you’re thinking of putting in the loft then chances are you’re not going to use or needing it again.

Remember one persons junk is another persons treasure


These boxes are great for storing paper work like bills etc

I’m a massive advocate of plastic storage boxes with lids.  They can be used for toys, under bed storage for shoes, clothes etc and because they are stack-able they are space saving.  Also being clear means you can see what’s inside before opening!

Make the space under your bed work even harder by vacuum packing clothes first – making your storage work even harder for you.  Again by these being clear you can easily hunt for stuff without having to make a mess doing it.

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