Weekly Menu of a Working Family – Week 9

At last I’m back on track with my weekly food shopping.  It’s amazing how out of sync it made me and I’ve certainly learnt that I like structure.

Sunday – Beef Casserole.  How sad I am, unlike a lot of friends and family who moaned yesterday about the continuous rain and horrible weather I was secretly delighted as it was the perfect weather to get the slow cooker going – what could be better than a nice hot casserole that’s filled the house with its delicious smell when the rain is beating down on the windows and you’ve sat in all day doing arts and crafts and then get to enjoy with some crusty bread?

Monday – Chicken stuffed with fresh basil leaves wrapped in parma ham served with roasted red, green and yellow peppers with onions, herbs and chilli flakes and boiled new potatoes.

Tuesday – Tomato and pesto layer cake.  My mouth watered when I read this recipe on a blog site last week so I can’t wait to make it this week.  I also feel we need to introduce more meat-free meals – my husband is not so keen on this idea and really feels he needs to add a steak with it or add some meat into it but I think this one is going to win him over though.  Meat is so expensive and I really think it should be seen as a treat not an everyday commodity.

Wednesday – Bacon and pea risotto

Thursday – Vegetable Curry served with spicy chickpeas and plain brown basmati  rice.

Friday – Beef and vegetable udon noodles