new year quest

So my quest this year is find my inner beauty.

I, like many others, have over indulged this past festive season and I’m in desperate need to detox and get rid of all those ‘fun’ toxins I insisted on putting into my body.

The champagne was delightful, the food was sumptuous and the puds were decadent but all combined together have left me feeling bloated, slow and overall dull.

My aim is to focus on me, my health and overall well being.  I’d love to ditch the make up and be one of those people who’s skin glows and doesn’t require foundation to achieve a smooth flawless finish.  Whether this is possible I’m not sure but that’s what I’m hopefully going to find out.

I’ve already started basic detoxing by drinking hot lemon and ginger in the morning – tried it with honey but found it too sweet.

Just been reading an amazing site JoyousHealth and can’t wait to follow some of the face steaming ideas and recipes.  It’s also highlighted that I really need to look more at my digestive system to promote health from within.