New Year, Fresh New Start

Happy New Year 2013

I’m not really one to make a long list of the new year resolutions that I’m bound to break as I find that quiet sole destroying however, I do like a few targets which I HOPE to make good head way.  Last year I set myself the challenge of lowering our food bills and wastage – which I’m pretty pleased to say we certainly did very well at – we have little wastage now – unlike before when we’d be bining out of date meat and cheese and we’ve definitely saved about 30% on the food bill.

This year I’ll continue this good work and will work even harder on wastage and in my new aims will be

  • to keep this blog updated more
  • focus on de-cluttering my home and cupboards – if you knew me and saw my home you’d see that it is actually quiet minimal and I don’t do clutter but hidden behind all my cupboard doors and in my draws is sort of organised mess – actually our ‘under the stairs’ cupboard is not really to be opened – unless you have the time to try to cram in all back in!
  • spend more time on me – whether that’s a nice long bath, time to do my nails, or setting aside a little time to try a new craft.

I hope you haven’t set yourself too many or difficult resolutions and that you achieve them


7 thoughts on “New Year, Fresh New Start

  1. bravo you!

    New year resolutions can be soul destroying if unrealistic.

    Yours are great and well done on the waste solution from last year.

    I totally get the clutter thing (I’ve already started but I’m afraid I’ve just added to the clutter in the cupboards rather than ACTUALLY get rid of stuff) and love a calm minimalist home.

    I have a tiny list of resolutions but I’m still working on them so watch this space.

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