Weekly Menu of a Working Family – Week 30

I feel I should apologise for not only the lateness of this blog post but for also missing one last week as we had quite a few take-aways, but let me explain – I’ve become a victim of the vegetable slicing mandolin!  Oh yes I am missing quite a large part of my thumb.

At first when I happened I was very brave (if I may say so myself) – I think that largely had something to do with how sharp the blades are and that I didn’t feel a thing.  But running it under a tap probably wasn’t a good idea and then covering it with just a plaster – which I can report did nothing to stop the bleeding that went on for 4 hours and also wasn’t much fun when I tried to take it off.  Anyway after visiting an NHS drop in centre the next day all was good and I’m just a little frustrated at the healing time and my limited capabilities – the nerves in the thumb are rather damaged, tingly and I still can’t feel much but boy when I knock it do I know about it!!!

Anyway, here’s what we are eating this week:

Saturday – 3 fish – fish pie and fried cabbage and carrots

Sunday – Lasagne, salad and coleslaw

Monday – Chicken breasts stuffed with pesto and cheese served with sauteed potatoes

Tuesday – Chorizo and bacon pasta bake

Wednesday – pork stew done in the slow cooker

Thursday – Chilli