DIY: Halloween Game – Pin the tail on the cat

I never really been into Halloween but having a nearly 3 year old is certainly changing this.

We’ve been gearing up for some Halloween fun and here’s our very cheap Halloween alternative to pin the tail on the donkey – a game of pin the tail on the cat.

We’ve always got lots of cupboard rubbish at work and I’m well renowned for taking it home and coming up with another purpose for it.

What you need:

  • Large piece of cardboard
  • Black marker pen and a pencil
  • A picture of a cat to copy (or if you are very creative use your imagination)
  • Old black stocking (for the tail)
  • Old socks or stockings

How to:

Draw an outline drawing of the cat onto your cardboard, when you are happy with the basic drawings now go over it in marker pen – and colour in (this did take some time!) – alternatively you could get some black paper and cut the cat out of this, however, I didn’t have any.

Make the tail but stuffing a stocking with other stockings or socks and tie and the end.

Any that it – now you are ready to have some fun.



3 thoughts on “DIY: Halloween Game – Pin the tail on the cat

  1. What a fab variation on pin the tail on the donkey! One of my bridesmaids made a different variation – not one for publishing on here!

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