DIY: Hot Water Bottle Cover

As the dark nights set in and the winter is most definitely on its way it’s time to start getting cosy, snug and warm – and if you’re like my a hot water bottle features high on winter must haves.

I’ve seen so many of the those amazing hot water bottle covers you can buy but why buy when you make your own out of an old jumper!

I’ve used an old tank top which is nice and brightly coloured.

All you need to do is turn your jumper inside out, lay flat, draw around your hot water bottle, stitch over the lines you’ve drawn and then insert your hot water bottle.  As I used the bottom of the tank top as the rim for where you put the water in you don’t even need to worry about hemming and as it’s wool its stretching so you can sew the entire cover case up and then roll your hot water bottle and insert (stretching the fabric slightly) and volia!



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