Weekly Menu of a Working Family – Week 25

I think it is fair to say that at days get shorter and the nights get longer comfort food is a must.  The slow cooker is making it way out from the back of the cupboard and taking centre stage over the oven and grill (bbq’s really didn’t happen this year!).

I know that this can often cause concern – especially if you suffer from SAD (season affective disorder) but it also signifies cosy nights in snuggled up on the sofa, a lovely array of flavoursome soups and hotpots.  I shall be reading through all my winter cook books this week and getting my brain in gear from some wholesome winter food.  

But for this week, here’s what’s on our menu:

Sunday – Chilli Chicken Cheesy Nachos

Monday – Chicken Curry

Tuesday – Sausage and Bean Cassoulet

Wednesday – Cottage Pie

Thursday – Cheesy Bacon and potato gratin

Friday – Fish Pie