National Cupcake Week

I cannot believe it – I’ve only just found out it’s national cupcake week… do I need anymore excuses!

That’s it I can’t wait to get home and get baking.

Think I’m going to have to use this as my chance to try victoria sponge inspired cupcakes watch this space.


10 thoughts on “National Cupcake Week

  1. They are definitely more portable. But I think I prefer a slice of cake because thats proper cake. But hey, fairy/cup bun/cakes are not to be sniffed at either!! Any cake is better than no cake lol!!

  2. I think Victoria Sponge inspired cakes are a great idea. My favourite cupcake shop does a wonderful version of this where the jam is inside the cake (a bit like it is in a doughnut) and then buttercream is piped on the top. Yummy.

    I think perhaps you’re right that cupcakes taste so much better because you get your own, whole one :).

    Oh, and I totally agree that Fairy Cake Fortnight sounds much better ;).

  3. Why did they have to call it “cupcake” week… Cupcakes are an American thing… Surely it should be British Bun week or something?? Nevermind… Any excuse to make them hey?

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