Weekly Menu of a Working Family – Week 22

Sunday – Roast Chicken, salad, coleslaw, and tomato and herb rice

Monday –  Leftover Chicken Curry and Pilau Rice

Tuesday – Bacon Pasta Bake – I love this really quick and easy recipe, and for a little twist I add some sun dried tomatoes.

Wednesday – Gammon Steaks with Cabbage Mash, Carrots and Parsley Sauce

Thursday – Chilli and Pepper Meatloaf, served with roasted peppers courgettes

Friday – Chicken Stir Fry and noodles

You might have noticed that I’ve been including a number of weight watchers recipes recently – this is not because I’m  dieting but I recently went through all my cook books and remembered I had these and had forgot how nice some of the recipes are – they are also great for all the family.  It also does make you think about different cooking methods and how much oil you use!