Weekly Menu of a Working Family – Week 20

Firstly I must apologies as this is a bit late this week.  As it was a bank holiday in England yesterday I gave myself the day off and I must say what fun it was.  We went out for the day exploring and as I’d prepared dinner in the morning it was great to just come home, heat it up and eat! – I’d forgotten how much fun one-pot meals are for this.

Sunday – Roast chicken, salad, new potatoes, home-made coleslaw, hard-boiled eggs! (I just love hard boiled eggs with a salad.

Bank Holiday Monday – Left over chicken cacciatore 

Tuesday – Mussels in garlic white wine sauce, served with crusty bread and rice salad.

Wednesday – Bacon and Cheese pasta bake

Thursday – Gammon, egg and chips (this is meant for last week but we ended up eating out, so it’s re-appearing this week)

Friday – Sticky sausages