Action It – Wednesday Night

At last, I had a free night yesterday and managed to catch up on some (only a few) of those sewing/mending/adapting projects that I’ve been putting off for sometime.

I feel so pleased and free from the chains of guilt that have been weighing my down and also delighted that I know have 2 new pairs of jeans created from my old bootlegs and a dress that I can actually now wear.

I while back I posted a great link on how to adapt old bootleg jeans into Skinny’s  and I cannot say how easy it was to do and the results are amazing.  I’m only sorry that I can’t show you an pictures  – that’s the only down side to having free time alone!

I feel like I’ve given them a new lease of life and gained new jeans.

The dress too has been revived into something I can actually wear and not look like it belonged to someone a little larger than myself.  I only recently bought it and it was my size but I failed to try it on until it was too late to return it – something I shall try not to do again – the only thing I need now to wear this is the weather.  I’m not sure what’s happening in the UK but summer doesn’t seem to be a season anymore!


2 thoughts on “Action It – Wednesday Night

    1. thanks, I’m not all that good and I’m sure if you looked closely you’d see the difference between my new stitching and the original but I’m so delighted with them. x

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