Wow. This certainly is a the next stage to chalk board messaging and can be styled to your room decor.

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Monday Mini Project:

Erasable Board

This great project is brought to you from Helena at Craft & Creativity.

This is really easy to do and can be varied in so many ways. 

You will need:
– Frame with glass
– Patterned or plain paper
– Whiteboard (dry-erase) pen
– Twine
– Picture hook or nail

Cut a sheet of paper so it fits the frame, measure with the help of the glass or the back of the frame. If you want to, cut out a number of sheets of various colors and patterns, for variation when you feel like it. Seal the frame on the back and hang your erasable board on the wall. Attach a twine of suitable length to the dry-erase pen and let it hang on the same picture hook as the frame. Start writing! For example write down shopping lists, the week menu, a quote you like or a poem.

To variate your own handwriting, try this: Type the text you want in MS Word, print it on your printer, put the print-out under the frame glass and trace the text with your dry-erase pen. The…

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