Face Painting for the First-time

Our little street community is holding a celebration jubilee event for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and we’ve been let down by the professional face painter who’s said she’s doubled booked herself.  Great.  Why is it it always feels like it is you who only gets let down and not the other person that they double booked?

Anyway, a friend in our neighboured discovered I’m fairly arty and crafty and so I know found myself ‘nominated’ to take her place.

To start with I was secretly flattered.  Not only had I been asked to help out and feel like part of it all, but also that I was considered me to be ‘artistic’, that I’d be great at it and I was there only hope.

How could I be the one to disappoint so many children, including my own and so I found myself happily agreeing to it.

As the jubliee celebrations are fast approaching I ‘m actually getting rather nervous.  I’m waiting for my professional face painting kit to arrived.  I’ve order Snazaroo products as I’ve heard these are very good from the research I’ve been doing recently, I’ve insisted the organising committee confirm our event insurance covers it – thankfully it does and I’ve thought about and drawn on paper some designs so I have little repitour, but now all I need to do is actually practice!

I think I’m putting this off just in case I’m really bad at it, but really I must start soon as it’s going to be better I find this out now and not on the day!

I was considering the following designs to included in my portfolio and not to deviate from them, not matter how desperate a child is to have one of the latest cartoon characters, that actually I won’t have any idea what it looks like – it’s Peppa Pig, Thomas and Bob the Builder all the way in this house.

My proposed face painting designs:

Union Jack – of course!

Spider man




Advise, help, thoughts on designs most welcome. Thanks xx