Home-made Strawberry Jam

This is so easy to make.  I think there is a myth that jam takes a lot of effort and cleaver timing but it really needed be difficult.

Here’s how we make our jam:

The night before you are going to make the jam prepare your strawberries (approximately 1kg) by hulling and halving them – make sure that any soft spots are removed and don’t use any with bruises or that are overripe.

Put the strawberries into a bowl with 500g of sugar and all the strawberries, cover with cling film and store in fridge overnight.

I learned a tip on how to check the setting point of the jam.  Put a small plate in the freeze to chill on the morning you are going to make the jam and when you think the jam has reached setting point you drop a small amount onto the chilled plate, if when you push the jam with your finger the surface wrinkles then it is ready to jar, if not keep on boiling and repeat every 5-10 mins. Now is a good time to ensure the jars you are going to store the jam in are cleaned and sterilised. This can be done in a number of whys – find out more here.

Put the strawberries mixture into a very large pan and add 500g more of sugar and a drop of lemon juice.

Then stir over a gentle heat until the sugar has completely dissolved.  Bring the strawberries up to the boil and keep boiling until the jam reaches setting point. Check the setting point every ten minutes, however, do be aware that it may take up to 30 mins to reach setting point.

When ready take off the heat and stir in a little butter, about 1 knob will do.  I don’t know why butter goes in but this is how my nana taught me!

Then ladle into the jars and cover the top surface of the jam with waxed paper disc.  Put lid on while still hot, label and store in a cool, dark cupboard.

Jam is great for using in Victoria Sponges, added to plain natural yoghurt, to have with scones or just on toast.


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  1. What a timely post — I just made my first batch of strawberry jam yesterday. I cheated and used instant pectin so I didn’t have to cook the strawberries — just crushed them, mixed with sugar and the pectin, and stored in freezer jars. I can’t believe how good it is! I may never buy jam again.

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