Strawberry Infused Vodka

Here is the first thing we did with our bulk of Strawberries – Strawberry Infused Vodka – we think we got our priority right, don’t you?!  Another reason for doing this first is that you need to use perfectly ripe strawberries with no imperfections.

Massive thanks go to David Lebovitz blog where we found this great idea and how to.

We’ve yet to strain it and enjoy – can see myself already sipping this on warm summers evening in the summer-house.

Select your perfectly ripe strawberries cut into halves or quarters – depending on size.

Put into an airtight container – such as a Kilner Jar.

Poor in vodka and put in a dark cupboard for a few days.  Turn/swirl every now and then – but do not shake.

Then after about 3 to 7 days, strain with a muslin cloth. We are leaving ours for the full 7 days to get as much of the flavour as possible.  I believe that if you want the vodka really clear then it’s also best to strain it again through a coffee filter.

Then store in a bottle and enjoy.  It can then be kept in the fridge of freeze – whichever you prefer.

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      1. We have raspberries too, fantastic idea! Jamie Oliver does a thing with vodka and watermelon, fills the melon with it.

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