Parker Knoll Sofa Bed Project

This sofa is to blame for my lack of creativity recently.

I’m so delighted with my recent second-hand purchase, which believe it or not only cost me £1.42 but did prove a lot of hassle to get home! Older sofa’s are very heavy and I don’t quite know what I was thinking but it certainly didn’t fit in the back of my compact hatch-back car!  After a lot of hassle a friend and a van came to my rescue and transported it home, where it now sits awaiting its make-over.

What’s even better is my mum (who never throws anything out!) has just found some, well alot, of left over material from some creamy beige curtains she made years ago and there is so much there that I can make loose covers with it.

I’ve never made loose covers or covered a sofa before so this is an exciting and rather daunting challenge I’ve set myself.  I believe it’s a good idea to make the material cutting template using muslin instead of paper as you can shape it around the arms – any tips will be gratefully received.

It’s a two seater sofa and the back flips over and the arms come down to create a very spacious single sofa bed.


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