Summer House Inspiration

Recently I enjoyed a relaxing evening in a beautiful garden summer house and so this is now top of my must have priority list.  What’s great about this is my hubby loved it soo much that he too cannot wait to get one.

We’ve the perfect spot in our garden too.  Behind our garage we have a very wasted area that unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, still becomes a dumping ground for garden cuttings, un-used pots and dead plants – that I really think we just magically come alive.  We had planning to deck this area, but it doesn’t really get much sun it and probably still won’t be used much – so what better way to maximise this areas potential than a Summer House.

The plan is to decorate it in a very pretty beach hut style and so you can imagine how this has excited my creative crafty side.  I can make lovely patch work throws and hot water bottle covers for chilly summer evenings, shabby chic applique cushions, hanging tea-light holders, bunting, garlands …. the list just goes on.


8 thoughts on “Summer House Inspiration

  1. How lovely that would be! I’ve always admired those and coveted many I see in magazine, but we have no room for one 😦 I can’t wait to see yours! Keep us posted!

  2. This sounds just perfect – somewhere to enjoy the garden, but still be a bit sheltered from the elements. And ‘summer house’ just has a wonderful ring to it – “Let’s take our tea in the summer house, Mister Darcy…”

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