Turning Boot Leg Jeans into Skinny’s

I’m so excited as this is definitely going to be my next project.

I’ve recently been having a big clear-out of my clothes cupboards and seeing what items really are to no longer be residents of my wardrobe and what could be adapted or turned into something else.  So after discovering that I have around 5 pairs of bootleg jeans that I no longer wear, but haven’t had the ruthlessness to bin in the past, I was very excited to discover that I actually really could turn these into skinny’s.

I’m also not so worried if it all goes a little wrong – I’ve not worn these jeans for over 5 years so what the heck let’s get adapting.

I’ve been trawling the internet for ‘how to’s’ and have to say this, for me, has to be the best – moving pictures are so much easier to follow than instructions!




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