Creation Frustration

Recently I’ve been focusing on mending all those little things that have been annoying me for a while – buttons on shirts, turning a cardigan into a jumper, sewing up hem lines that have come un-raveled and taking up trousers.

Whilst this is all good stuff and I’ve got loads done all these sewing repairs and alternations have distracted me from the fun of making new things and especially just finishing the arm stitching on my new Wiksten Tank Dress.

At least this is the next on my list, so I promise pictures coming soon.  I’m also waiting for some new material to make it in a different colour – I can’t be stopped now, my summer wardrobe is going to consist of a Wiksten Tank Top and Dress in a variety of colours and materials!

I’m also going to try my hand to altering boot leg jeans into skinny’s.

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