Weekly Menu of a Working Family – Week 8

Firstly I must apologise for the last post on this as we are now already two days into the week but I have a confession to make – we didn’t do our food shopping or food planning this Sunday! – I know a disgrace and it has left me cobbling meals together from store cupboard ingredients.  However, I think creating meals from what’s lurking in the back of the cupboard could be a post all of its own.

So here is what we’ve managed to create with food hanging about in the depths of our cupboards until our weekly food shopping arrives on Wednesday night:

Sunday – Bacon and onion suet roll served with carrots, curly kale, roast potatoes and home-made frozen yorkshires.

Monday – Soup and crusty bread (always have a packet of part-back crusty rolls just in case)

Tuesday – Jacket potatoes with either cheese and baked beans or tuna mayo.

Wednesday – Pasta carbonara made with philadelphia cheese.

Wednesday – Yey – food arrives.

Hope you like and would be interested to hear what meals you’ve managed to create with what’s hiding in the back of the fridge and cupboards.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Menu of a Working Family – Week 8

  1. Lol. This happens to me a lot. We usually go grocery shopping on Saturdays…. but sometimes it doesn’t happen till Tuesday or Thursday. Those weeks we usually eat rice and beans, or grilled cheese with soup.

  2. That frequently happens to me too but the planning and organisation is meant to be flexible so no worries. I had it all planned and did the shopping on Saturday then we got home late and had take away one night, then Big J had a friend to play yesterday which meant the plan had to change to pizza so I am already two days behind with it this week! It will all be cooked and eaten in the end. Store cupboard favourites here are jacket potatoes too. Also macaroni cheese or pasta Provençal (tomato sauce, black olives and cheese).

    1. Thanks, that makes me feel so much better, like you say it always gets eaten. I try my hardest not to throw away or waste any food especially as groceries have increased in price so much.

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