Buttery Biscuit Bakes

I had a real urge last night to make biscuits and we’ve been without biscuits in the office for three whole days and I can survive another day without any!

I also bought some cellophane bags to gift biscuits to friends and family and haven’t yet used them so this gave me a great excuse.

First I made a basic biscuit dough, of which I chilled in the fridge for around 1 hour. Then rolled it out to approximately 4 mm thick and cut out a variety of shapes – little butterflies, stars and gingerbread shaped men, with all the off-cuts (which I hate re-rolling as it’s never the same) I made them into little balls and pressed a hole in the middle with my finger and filled the holes with Strawberry Jam.  The biscuits were baked on 160 fan assisted for approximately 10 mins and the jam ones for about 15 mins (same temperature).

I had a little fun decorating them with icing, silver balls, edible glitter and pink sparkles – my icing is not really up to scratch but I think it gives it that home-made look.  The presentation is then, in my opinion, really enhanced by using the clear bags and hand written tags with ribbons ties.

I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out (I know they tasted good as my King’s taster – my husband – gave the big thumbs up last night and he always gives his honest opinion on my cooking and baking) – it’s only lunch time and they’ve all gone! and the team are desperate for more.


Only £1.20 for 30 bags and twist ties.


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