Quilting Progress

My brightly coloured fresh quilt is coming along nicely but slowly.  I was expecting it to be done by now.  I know it is much larger than any others I’ve made, this is to spread a King size bed, but really I thought I’d have finished it by now.

It probably doesn’t help that I made a cushion to match and a shopping bag when I should have been concentrating on the quilt – C’est la vie!

All that aside I’m really pleased with how it looks so far.  The colours on the pictures really don’t reflect the real thing.  They are bright cerise pinks and lime greens – the pictures make it look quite red.

I was thinking of having long stripes of colours or grey running all the way around the edge of the middle section (which is what you can see below).  Any suggestions on colours or whether the edges should be plain or patterned would be greatly received.

8 thoughts on “Quilting Progress

    1. I really think it’s going to brighten up our bedroom in time for summer, I’m definitely going to go with the plain border just got to decide what colour or colours now – I’m thinking I might have two different colours all running round the edge. thanks x

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