Old Jumper for a Hot Water Bottle Cover

I don’t believe it.

Since around October last year I got the idea to create a hot water bottle cover from an old jumper.  The how to guide really excited me.  The evenings were drawing in and the nights getting colder so it really was an apt time to get the hot water bottle covered and nicely decorated with buttons, sequins and may-be a little applique.  There was only one draw back – to find an old jumper.

I know I could have gone to a charity shop but really I would still be looking at an out-lay cost and the whole point was to re-cycle something I already had but didn’t want.  I even rummaged through my husbands clothes but nothing I really could have used without him noticing!

Well it’s now April and the winter has well and truly passed and my hot water bottle is still naked.

But triumph at last has come in the form of old cardigan and it will be just perfect for this little project – if just a little too late!  What has really niggled me is this cardigan has been there all along and has not been worn since about 2 years previously.  Had I of only got round to clearing out my clothes sooner my hot water bottle wouldn’t have had to go the entire winter without its coat.

I shall save it ready for this autumn project – it just doesn’t seem right making it it Spring.


3 thoughts on “Old Jumper for a Hot Water Bottle Cover

    1. I know I’m always stuck with what to call it – Love your blog and the items you make. Might have to do a cushion over with the next jumper I come across that I don’t wear!

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