Weekly Menu of a Working Family – Week 6

Firstly I must apologies for the delay in posting this article, as it was Easter Weekend I gave myself the weekend off and have been having lots of Easter fun with the family.  Lots of treats were made, and eaten!

Sunday – Traditional British Roast Dinner of Beef, vegetable and roast potatoes and plenty of horseradish sauce – mmm my favourite.

Monday – We went out for lunch so dinner was dippy eggs and soldiers in our new Easter egg-cups!

Tuesday – Lamb chops with pan-fried green beans in garlic and mash.

Wednesday – Salmon, potato dauphinoise and mushy peas.

Thursday – Roast chicken served with salad and home-made potato wedges.

Friday – Left over chicken curry and naan bread. I’ve not made naan bread before and so have chosen this recipe by Madhur Jaffrey as I don’t think you can go wrong with her recipes – but if you’ve any suggestions then would love to hear your tried and tested recipes.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Menu of a Working Family – Week 6

  1. Your menu looks fantastic and now I’m craving roast with horseradish. What is a dippy egg? I’m imagining a soft-boiled egg with the top cracked open. I’m way off, right? 🙂

    1. Hi ya. yes that’s eggsactly it! sorry couldn’t resist the terrible egg pun! We have roast chicken so often as it’s my little ones favourite and so it was such a nice change to have beef and the horseradish just made it.

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