Reduce those lines and get a clear complexion..

This post doesn’t really fit with all the other things I like to talk about but I just had to share this with you.

When I was pregnant I was an avid supporter of Bio Oil and used it all over my bump and ever expanding areas to help stop or reduce stretch marks.  As I already had some stretch marks from previous weight loss I really keen to reduce and if possible stop getting any from my pregnancy.

As a pregnancy gift kindly I was bought several bottles of Bio Oil which I generously used throughout my maternity.  I hadn’t really given the results much thought as I was just loving the smell and feel of my skin, until my doctor congratulated me at my 38 week appointment for getting to this stage without any stretch marks.  I was delighted and mentioned Bio Oil which he confirmed to be very good. He said when it first came out he thought it was another fad but in fact he’d heard and seen lots of cases where it had worked.

At the beginning of this year I decided I was going to use it as a face cream, I wasn’t very happy with some of the creams with make your skins feel quite greasy and heavy and well I’m so pleased I did.  The bottle which I bought in January is still over 3/4 full, my face and neck feel so soft, it’s so much nicer and easier to apply make-up after than with a face cream and OMG my complexion looks so fresh and my lines have certainly been reduced – in fact I would go as far as to say some have nearly all gone.

You really only need a little bit as it spreads quite far so it has even worked out much cheaper that face cream, you can also use it anywhere else on the body, so if you go away for the night etc you only need to take one bottle with you.

Now reading this back I feel like one of those sales ads you read but truly if you’re looking for a new solution to face cream then I’d certainly suggest buying it.



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