Birthday Butterfly Cupcakes

Since starting this blog I’ve noticed that I do a lot of things incorporating butterflies – but oddly enough I don’t like butterflies.  It’s not a just butterflies but generally animals/insects that fly.  I don’t do things that flap in my face!  As I child my parents  took me on a day out to a butterfly farm where you actually got to walk through a butterfly enclosure!  I’m not sure if it was meant as punishment really, as I hated it and freaked out inside nearly swatting one on my shoulder and quickly got escorted out.

All that said I butterflies are beautiful and typically girlie which must be why I use them on so many treats and crafts.

This week a work two of my work buddies celebrate their birthdays so I couldn’t resist but to make them cakes.

It was my first time doing any piping work and so you can see that I need some practice.  The piping gun, edible butterflies and edible glitter were my mother’s day present and I have to say I’m most delighted with them and my first attempt – now I’m going to have to make more cakes as I hear practice makes perfect.

I used my basic fairy cake recipe and found a buttercream icing recipe on the internet – which was so easy

If you’ve got any tips on piping I’d be really keen to hear them?  Is there a particular angle you should hold the gun at?

2 thoughts on “Birthday Butterfly Cupcakes

  1. Well, that’s done it! I have to make cake tomorrow 🙂 I’ll be making a traybake so I can freeze some. Your cupcakes are lovely. I don’t have any tips about piping as cakes are usually eaten on their way out of the oven in this house. Anyway, your piping looks great as it is 🙂

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