D.I.Y Butterfly Wall Art and Lampshade

Butterflies are just so girly and the ideal animal of choice for wall art for a little girls bedroom.

I’d seen something very similar in Next, where you could buy cardboard butterflies and stick them to the wall, but I very much liked the idea of putting them on canvas’.

They’re so easy do, all you need is:

  • Canvas’ – as many or a few as you like.
  • Paint for the background colour of the canvas’.  I used Pink!
  • Pretty card
  • Butterfly design – I drew my own in various sizes both for the wall art and the lampshade.
  • Scissors, glue and needle and thread (if you want to sew them onto canvas like I did).

Wall Art How to: paint your canvas(s) and let me dry, you may need more than one coat.  Draw butterflies onto your pretty card and cut out.  Make fold lines down the body of the butterfly and glue the long body section to the canvas’ in your chosen position.  Once dry you can, if you like, also stitch them to make them even more secure and add some pattern and texture to the bodies.

Lampshade How to: Draw butterflies onto your pretty card and cut out.  I was very lucky as my lampshade (from Habitat) is made of clear wire and thread and so I just   attached some thread to the butterflies and tied them on.  I’d suggest with a standard material lampshade to sewing them on.

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