Lenny Lion | Toss the bean bag game

I finally got round to making a ‘toss the bean bag game’.  Instead of doing an Easter themed one as originally planned I did a Lion which we used on Saturday.  We had an impromptu kids gathering at our’s so it seemed the ideal time to put this excellent idea to good use.

It hardly took anytime do to, in fact most of the time spent on it was me trying to figure out they best and easiest way to draw an animal face that gave a good size hole for the kids through the ball/bean bags through – I say balls as that’s what go used in the end!.  Initially I wanted to do a hippo as hippo’s always open their mouths really wide but my free-hand drawing skills just weren’t up to the challenge.

What’s needed: cardboard box (donated by my work! it was an old stationery delivery box). Inspiration for drawing, Pencil to first draw the image onto the box, Markers pen and colouring pens – to outline the image and colour it in.

Great fun was had by all and best of all it cost nothing but time.

Hope you like?

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