Little Birdies

Last night was not a great night for crafting.

Our ironing pile no longer remain just that – a pile!, it gave way and collapsed all over the floor leaving me no option but to tackle it.  So after was felt like forever, but I’m sure was only a few hours of mindless ironing the night had passed by and left me with very little time to do nice things.

I did, however, manage to draw a little bird outline/pattern and cut out two pieces of material to make one up.  I thought it would be lovely to give friends and family little Easter baskets with chocolates, home-made of course, and a little chick/bird in.   They would also make a great garland to hang at Easter.

The material, which I absolutely love by Clarke & Clarke, was left over from our sitting rooms cushions I made last year.  If they turn out good then I’ll post up the little pattern and of course show you how they turned out.

Oh yes and the home-made chocolates – they are going to be little men and ladies on sticks.  Today in the post arrived the lolly pop moulds.  I could have bought Easter bunnies instead of gingerbread men shaped but I thought I’d get more use from these are I could use them all year round!!!  Now I only have to wait for the little cellophane bags to arrive and I can try making them.  Though they’d look got for Easter with yellow ribbons on.


One thought on “Little Birdies

  1. How cute are these? What a great idea! Don’t you hate it when ironing takes over your life? I have gotten very lazy, and just hang up whatever wrinkled outfit I have in the closed bathroom with the shower on super hot for about fifteen minutes. I only pull out the iron as a last resort…

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