Pork Shanks with Caramelised Onion – What’s in my slow cooker

This weekend the slow cooker was put to excellent use and cooked Pork Shanks with a sage, pepper and salt topping cooked in caramelised onion stock.

They tasted mouth wateringly delicious.  I’m not a great fan of Pork but I think any meat slow cooked so it gently falls off the bone makes for a wonderfully succulent meat.  In fact ever since the first time I slow cooked meat, whether in the oven on a low temperate or in a slow cooker, I’ve never looked back and I will never roast meat on a medium to high heat ever again.

The first time I slow cooked meat it was really more of an accident than one of a conscious decision.  It was Christmas Day 6 years ago and we were going to my parents for Christmas Dinner and I had offered to cook and bring the beef with me. There was only one hitch in my offer – I wasn’t going to be home most of the day to cook it as we were delivering presents to all the family.  And so I seared the beef fillet, roasted it for approximately 20 mins then wrapped it in foil then in several towels and put it in the car whilst we did our rounds.  The plan was that when we arrived at my parents we would put in the oven to cook it properly, however, for anyone that knows me by the time we arrived at the parents there was no time to cook it as dinner was to be served and so we carefully unwrapped my little meat parcel and started to carved into the meat to see how ‘rare’ it was going to be but to mine and most importantly my husband’s delight the meat was cooked just perfect for us (medium rare) and more juicy and succulent than any meat we’re ever tasted.  If my memory serves me right the meat was around 1 kilo in weight and it was wrapped snugly in towels for about 3 hours.

Anyway I digress – back to the Pork Shanks.  Made some caramelised onions and put them in the bottom of the slow cooker, added the Pork Shanks (that had been lightly seared), then covered with water and cooked for 9 hours.



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