Cake Pops

This weekends treat food was Cake Pops.  Every weekend I love to make fun treat food with my little girl, it also helps that both her and I have very sweet teeth and both love to bake and make things that have sprinkles on!

She was also invited to a friends party so it gave us a great excuse to make more that we usually would.  Not only did we do Cake Pops, something we hadn’t done before and spent several hours trapesing around the shops trying to track down the lolly pop sticks required, we also make our staple favourite of fairy cakes with variety of toppings – all of which went down very well with the kids.

We loosely followed a recipe we’d seen on Something for the Weekend, well actually very loosely now I read it back.  We used 4oz maderia cake (and no fruit cake), 3.5oz white choc (to mix into the crumbled maderia) and 6oz milk chocolate to coat and multi coloured sprinkles to decorate and although we made them the size recommended (golf ball size) I’d certainly advise on making them smaller.  They were very heavy and sickly to eat and to make them a more friendly bit size nibble food I’d suggest making them around the same size, if not a little bit bigger, than a Chubb Chubb lolly.

These would certainly make a lovely gift if you put them in little celophane wrappers and tied pretty little ribbon bows round them – think we might do this for mother’s day.



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