D.I.Y Mosaic Mirror

Just had to share this mosaic mirror I made a few years ago.  It hangs on the wall in my hall-way, but as we’re now re-decorating I need to re-home it elsewhere in the house – I’m desperately running out of wall space!.  Just in case I can’t find an immediate home and it sits in the attic for a while I thought I’d remember the fun and joy it’s bought me over the years by posting it here.

It was so easy to make and such fun.  I made it from old left over bathroom and kitchen tiles I’ve collected over the years, designed a basic style which I then drew onto the MDF frame, that I’d previously cut to size.  After the fun of cutting up the tiles in the garden, so not to make too much mess and it was the height of a very hot summer which is why I think I enjoyed making it so much, I got sticking them to the design then grouted.

All that was left to do was glue the mirror and backing board in place and hang – a task which I delegated to the man of the house!