Little Girls Patchwork Quilt

My new craze is Patchwork Quilting.  I made this one before I’d got my sewing machine!, well actually I have sewing machine but it’s been in storage and I was so desperate to do this project I just went ahead with out one.  Also I think I was enjoying the satisfaction of doing a little stitching wherever I was, so yes, I hand stitched every little 10cm square – it took a lot of evenings to complete but I feel so proud of myself to say I did it by hand – but never again – by hand that is.  I’m already doing the next one for myself, and my husbands bed.

As it was for my little girls room I used Cath Kidston material and backed it with plain white material.

We love it – hope you like it too?


5 thoughts on “Little Girls Patchwork Quilt

  1. That sailboat fabric is precious! And I am impressed — I managed to make 6 quilt blocks once before abandoning the project. Hand sewing takes more patience than I possess.

    1. Hi – isn’t it just, this is first quilt I made using all patterned material – have always thought too many patterns would look silly – how wrong I was. I actually think I like hand sewing more that machining but for speed you can’t beat the sewing machine.

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