Yummy Stolen Cake

I know what you’re thinking – Stolen cake in February!

At Christmas my friend bought Stolen Cake mix in a bag but, after reading the instructions, decided it was going to take far to long to make and so this is how I come to have a packet cake mix – not something I’d normally own.

Anyway, that aside, I set about making this on Sunday.  It was very strange baking without having to weight any ingredients and just empty packets into a bowl but all in all in was easy enough to do and the result was rather good.

It was very sunny on Sunday, so I’d say it was a little strange having the smell of Christmas in the air on a bright sunny day in February.

I don’t think I’d buy it again, as I thought I quite costly (at £6) considering I have most the basic ingredients in my store cupboard and I also had to add the egg, milk and butter out of my own stocks (obviously)!!

Here’s what it turned out like: