The Time of My Life by Cecelia Ahearn – Book Review

I’ve read many of Cecelia Ahern’s books and was most delighted to have this book lent to me to read.

I have nothing but positive feedback for all her books and especially her writing style.  She’s an amazing writer, who’s books always seem magical and take you back to a time in your life when your thinking and expectations are both optimistic and carefree.  Nearly all of her novels deliver a kind of ‘fairytale’ way of looking at things.

The Time of My Life does not does fail to deliver on all of these counts.  The books is about a girl who thinks  all is well in her life and that she’s happy, but her ‘Life’ contacts her, much to her annoyance, to try and get her back on tract and focus on the things in her life that really matter.

It’s a book that really makes you look at your own life and makes you question whether you’re happy with the decisions you’ve made and where they’ve taken you.  In general I’m a very happy and content person.  Sure there are things I sometimes wish or think I’d done more of before settling down – travelling and living abroad being quite high on this list.  Although move recently I’ve discovered I’m actually quite a homely person – my home is definitely my castle and whilst it sounds rather exotic to jump from one country to the next, I’ve grown to come to realise my family and home is very important and dear to my heart and if in life I was meant to have done these things then I’m sure I would have.

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